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EM-HD9007 multiplate radiation shield 12 or 16 ring

The 12-ring meteorological shield for transmitter HD9008TR and HD9009TR or the 16-ring meteorological shield for temperature and humidity are provided for a 26mm diameter transmitter as the HD9008TR and HD9009TR, for hot climate.

Optional fitting HD9007T26.2 for Ø 14 mm transmitters for the protections from solar radiations HD9007A-1 and HD9007A-2.

The shields are made by LuranS that has captured a large share of the market for exterior automotive parts. More and more users choose Luran S because of its superior properties and its ability to resist UV radiation. Even after long-term weathering, Luran S does not show the greying typical of even UV-stabilized ABS. Also, Luran S withstands hot-water treatments such as the removal of the wax layer from new vehicles and frequent car washes. The cost saving compared with coated or painted ABS provides a further incentive for the change to Luran S.

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EM-HD9007A-1 are 12-ring or 16-ring meteorological shield for  transmitter EM-HD9008TR and  EM-HD9009TR and EM-HD9007A-2 are 16-ring meteorological shield for Temperature and Humidity transmitter em-HD9008TR and em-HD9009TR, for hot climates.


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