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EM-EL1 Electroluminescence Camera

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Easy Measures is leader on technical inspection and diagnostic services on PV power plants cooperating with several renowned certification authorities, accredited laboratories, PV modules manufacturer, EPC’s and consulting agency worldwide.

Our Wide experience in the field allowed us to design and develop some specific and high technologically advanced instruments for the execution of detailed and accurate inspections on the PV modules installed on a power plant.

Our EL cameras are nowadays the most compact, fat and accurate available on the market.

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EasyMeasure offers all the solution for panel inspection as the effects of solar cells dramatically reduce their efficiency and durability.
Availables methods it include the I/V MEASUREMENT, THERMAL IMAGING and ELETROLUMINESCENCE measurements.

Quality inspection is typically performed by taking Electroluminescence images that, combined with power measurement, is the best way to check a PV Module. The test consists of supplying the PV module or string in an appropriate way and inspecting it with a special EL camera. Electroluminescence is a sort of “radiography” of a PV module or an PV power plant.

The analysis of the quality of cells and solar modules is crucial for the photovoltaic industry and the EL1 EASYMEASURES cameras are ideal for the characterization of solar cells.
The images obtained with the use of EL1 show the typical micro-crack cells that can arise during the production of cells and modules, in transport and in installation. Because of mechanical or thermal effects micro-cracking cells can become broken cells. Branched microfrequencies occur due to an impact or shock that is mostly caused by transport or installation rather than production. A damaged cell is one of the main sources of power loss and efficiency.

EASYMEASURES cameras provide high sensitivity and resolution, but also a very high image speed as well as reading and integration time. In addition, the EM1 Electroluminescence System also allows complete video to cover the entire surface.
Electroluminescence allows to detect high power losses when affected by Potential Induced Degradation.


-Suitable for all the most common technologies of PV-modules

-No need to remove the PV –modules from the string/array for testing

-Identification of all kind of demages and defects of the cells/modules including P.I.D.

-Outdoor measurements with wide temp. range -5°C/+55°C

-Measures are performed at night so no additional production lesses of the PV power plant occour

-No need of dark boxes or covers on the modules

-Direct image view on the camera without requirement of any laptop or tablet

-Fast acquisition time and EL video option available on specific modules

-Camera lightweight and battery supplied

-Possibility to measure single cells, single modules or full arrays with one single acquisition.


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  1. 5 out of 5


    Very nice state of the art device for my IPV testing! thanks

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