HD37AB1347 Indoor air quality monitor
HD37AB1347 Indoor Air Quality MonitorHD37AB1347 Indoor Air Quality Monitor

HD 37AB1347 – Indoor Air Quality Monitor

HD37AB1347 IAQ Monitor is a tool manufactured by Delta Ohm for the analysis of air
quality (Indoor Air Quality, IAQ).
The instrument simultaneously measures several parameters: Carbon Dioxide CO2, Carbon monoxide CO, Temperature, Relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and calculates Dew Point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, enthalpy. All this is done with the P37AB147 SICRAM probe. The SICRAM probe P37B147 does not measure the Carbon Monoxide CO. Also combined temperature and humidity SICRAM probes, Hot wire Air speed SICRAM probes, Vane air speed SICRAM probes and temperature SICRAM probes can be connected to the instrument.
The instrument, according to a proper procedure, calculates the percentage of injection of outdoor air (% Outside Air) for both carbon dioxide CO2 and temperature and Ventilation Rate.
HD37AB1347 data logger has a storage capacity of 67,600 presets for each of the two inputs divided into 64 blocks; it uses the software DeltaLog10 from version for Windows® operating systems.

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Product Description

The instrument is equipped with a large dot matrix graphic display with a resolution of 160×160 points. The Reference Standards: ASHRAE 62.1-2004, Decree Law 81/2008. The rules apply to all enclosed spaces that may be occupied by people.
Should be considered, depending on air quality, chemical contaminants, physical and biological or outdoor air flow inside inadequately purified (Ventilation Rate).
The typical applications of the instrument with the range of sensors above mentioned are:
– IAQ measure and comfort conditions in schools, offices and indoor environments.
– Analysis and study of sick building syndrome (Sick Building Syndrome) and
– Verification of HVAC system.
– Investigation of IAQ conditions in factories to optimize the microclimate and improve productivity.
– Audits in Building Automation.


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