HD 31 – Handheld Multifunction 3 Channel Datalogger

HD31 is a hand held multifunction meter and data logger, with a large (43 x 58 mm) graphic color LCD display.
It is equipped with three independent inputs. Each of the inputs allows connecting SICRAM probes (intelligent and interchangeable probes with calibration data stored inside), single parameter ones as well as combined ones, for the measurement of a variety of physical quantities:
Relative humidity
Atmospheric and differential pressure
Air speed
Illuminance (lux) and Irradiance.

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Product Description

The type of sensor connected to the various inputs is automatically recognized by the instrument.
By connecting a combined temperature and relative humidity probe, the instruments calculates the quantities derived from humidity: dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, partial vapor pressure, saturated vapor pressure, enthalpy. Moreover, the discomfort index DI and the NET (Net Effective Temperature) indices are calculated.
Using the appropriate interface modules to be inserted between the instrument and the probe, non SICRAM probes can also be connected to the instrument’s inputs.
Simultaneous display of three variables in numerical form. Real time visualization on display of the graph of a measured variable. Selectable unit of measurement according to the measured physical quantity. Data logging function with data storing in CSV format directly on SD type memory card, for a long duration of the logging (for example, with a 4GB SD card, the duration of the logging is in the order of months, even when recording many quantities with the minimum logging interval equal to 1 second). Storage interval configurable by the user.
Automatic or manual start and stop of the logging. Storing of date and time of each recorded sample. Creates automatically measuring reports in PDF format in memory card.
– Three independent input channels
– Automatic recognition of the probes
– Graphic colour display
– Visualization of the graph of the measures
– Configurable measuring unit
– Data logging function with programming of auto start and auto stop
– Data storing on SD card for long logging duration
– Automatic creation of pdf reports
– Functions: HOLD, REL (relative measure) and DIFF (difference)
– Detection of minimum, average and maximum value
– Password protected configuration
– USB connection to PC
– Serial output for printer
– Rechargeable Battery
– Automatic shut-off (configurable and excludable)


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