LP UV radiometer

LP UVA 02, LP UVA 02AC, LP UVA 02AV – Radiometric Probes

The radiometric LP UVA 02, LP UVA 02AC, and LP UVB02AV probes measure the global irradiance in the UVA on a flat surface (Watt/ m 2 ). The irradiance is the sum of direct solar irradiance and of diffuse irradiance  from the sky. The radiometer can also be used for monitoring UVA irradiance indoor.


Product Description

Working Principle
LP UVA 02 radiometer is based on a solid state sensor, the spectral match with the desired curve is obtained using special filter. The relative spectral response is reported on figure 3. In order to protect the diffuser from the dust, LP UVA 02 is equipped with a 50mm glass dome. The cosine low response is obtained with a particular shaped PTFE diffuser. In figure 4 the cosine error versus angle of incident is reported.

The excellent cosine law response of LP UVA 02 allow to use the radiometer at any sun’s zenith angle. (The diffused component of the UVA increases as the sun moves away from the zenith, so the error on direct component due to imperfect response according to the cosine becomes negligible on the measurement of global irradiance).


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