LP UV radiometer

LP UVB 02 – Radiometer

The LP UVB 02 radiometer measures the global irradiance in the UVB spectral region on a flat surface (Watt/m 2 ). In particular, the instrument’s spectral sensitivity is centered at 305nm with a 5nm band width (FWHM). The global irradiance is the sum of the direct solar irradiance and the sky diffuse irradiance on a surface parallel to the ground. In contrast to the visible spectrum where the direct component prevails over the diffuse component, in the UVB spectral region light is strongly diffused by atmosphere and thus the two components are equivalent.

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Therefore it is of primary importance for the instrument to be capable of measure both components accurately. The LP UVB 02 probe is typically used in the following sectors:

  • Monitoring the ozone layer. Indeed, the radiation around 295nm–315nm is strongly absorbed by ozone located in the stratosphere, therefore each small variation of the ozone layer corresponds to an increase or decrease of the radiation reaching the ground.
  • Effects of UVB radiation (the most harmful to human health) on living beings.
  • UVB radiation measurement in work spaces.


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