LPPhyre16 – Phyreliometer

The pyrheliometer LP PYRHE 16 ( First Class Pyrheliometer according to ISO 9060 classifi cation) is an instrument for direct measurement of solar irradiance (Watt/m 2 ). The receiving surface must be positioned (via a solar tracker or else) perpendicularly to sun's rays. The use of apposite diaphragms allows only direct light to hit the sur face of the sensor. According to WMO (Seventh edition 2008) and ISO 9069 regulations, the pyrheliometer has a fi eld of view of 5°.

The pyrheliometer is produced in three versions:
LP PYRHE 16 AC ACTIVE with 4..20 mA CURRENT output
LP PYRHE 16 AV ACTIVE with 0..1V or 0..5V o 0..10 V VOLTAGE output to be defi ned at the time of the order
LP PYRHE S ACTIVE with RS485 serial output with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

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Product Description

Working Principle
The pyrheliometer LP PYRHE 16 is based on a new passive thermopile sensor. The sensitive surface of the thermopile is coated with a matt black paint, which makes the instrument not selective to the different wave lengths. The spectral range of the pyrheliometer is determined by the transmission of the quartz window, whose function is to protect the sensor from dust and water. A special quartz allows to perform
a 200nm-4000nm non-selective measurement.
The adopted sensor allows the response time to be lower than ISO9060 requirements for the classifi cation of fi rst class pyrheliometers (the response time is under 9 seconds while the standard requires a response time lower than 20 seconds). Radiant energy is absorbed by the blackened surface of the thermopile, thus creating a difference in temperature between the hot junction and the cold junction of the pyrheliometer, which acts in this case as a cold junction. Thanks to the Seebeck effect, the difference in temperature between hot and cold junction is converted into a Difference of Potential.In order to reduce the variations of sensitivity depending on temperature and to fall within the specifi cations requested to a secondary pyrheliometer, the LP PYRHE 16 is provided with a passive compensation circuit.


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