LP Pyra 02 – Pyranometer
lppyra02_02LP Pyra 02 – PyranometerLP Pyra 02 – PyranometerLP Pyra 02 – PyranometerLP Pyra 02 – PyranometerLP Pyra 02 – Pyranometer

LP PYRA 02 – Pyranometer

First Class LP PYRA 02 and LP PYRA 12 and Second Class LP PYRA 03 pyranometers which fully comply with ISO 9060 standards, and meet the requirements defined by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
These are strong and reliable instruments, especially designed to be used under all weather conditions. They are suitable for installation on the field..

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Product Description

Recommended use: atmospheric research, weather stations, climatology, energy saving research, productive efficiency test of photovoltaic plants, etc…

Pyranometers LP PYRA 02 and LP PYRA 03 are well suited for the measurement of incoming global solar radiation (0.3μm…3μm spectral range). LP PYRA 12 shadow ring is designed to shield the instrument sensor from direct radiation; by that, an exact measurement of the diffuse sky radiation is possible.

with direct, unamplified output, no external power supply required
LP PYRA 0x AC with 4..20 mA current output – 2-wire connection, requires external power supply
LP PYRA 0x AV with 0..1Vdc, 0..5Vdc or 0..10 Vdc voltage output, requires external power supply
LP PYRA 0x S with serial RS485 and MODBUS-RTU protocol, requires external power supply
The pyranometers with unamplified output have a typical sensitivity of 10 mV

Every pyranometer is calibrated separately and is supplied standard with a WRR (World Radiometric Reference) Report of Calibration.


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