Photovoltaic POWER PLANTS verification

Photovoltaic POWER PLANTS verification

This testing contains a series of verifications (electrical, thermal, and performance tests) aimed to certify the integrity of the modules and the perfect efficiency of the power plant.The PV Plant Qualification secures the highest production and profit of the system.

Complete documental analysis of the PV POWER PLANT

Verification of the accuracy of data sheets and guarantee documentation; Verification of the declaration of conformity of the power plant to the top standards;Verification of the PV power plant nominal power as sum of nominal power of each module in the photovoltaic generator; Verification of the correspondence between the final power plant documentation and the realized project; Verification of the presence and accuracy of the safety signage.

Electrical testing(optional)

Sample audits on the I/V characteristics of the strings.
The verification will cover 5% of the strings.

PV POWER PLANT Efficiency measurement

The efficiency of the Photovoltaic power plant will be tested through a series of verifications of the power inverter(DC/AC inverter) and its performance with different power outputs.

Additional module tests

The Electroluminescence inspection of the PV modules will be carried out on 0.5% of the total number of modules in the system.Electroluminescence is able to spot imperfections otherwise invisible in PV modules.

Optional thermal testing

A number of PV modules will be randomly chosen and inspected with the IR camera;
IR camera tests will be carried out on the most delicate parts of the PV power plant (such as connectors, string box, junction boxes, etc.).
The random audits will be carried out on the 2% of the components and on all the string boxes.

Electrical testing

  1. Sample audits on the electrical continuity between the strings of the modules and the inverter output
  2. Verification of the open circuit voltage, according to the standard IEC62446
  3. Strings current verification( according to standard IEC 62446)
  4. Ground continuity check (standard IEC 62446)
  5. Verification of the resistance insulation between active parts and grounding( standard IEC 62446)

Verification of the monitoring system

The characterization of the monitoring system performed in the PV power plant will include the verification of the pyranometers and the data acquisition system.

Performance testing

The performance testing( in accordance to the standard IEC 62446) will be executed on the whole power plant ( if its characteristics are consistent) or on sections characterized by identical:

  • Inclination and orientation of the modules;
  • Inverter output(Pinv>20kw o Pin<=20 kw);
  • Typology of modules( and therefore, indentical coefficient of power output G)
  • Typology of module installation( and therefore, identical Tcell).

In particular, at least one of the following tests will be carried out, in accordance with the features listed in IEC 62446:

  1. Evaluation of the energetic performance( Performance Rating PRe);
    Evaluation of the power performance(PRp).