About us

Who we are
EasyMeasures is a company based in Italy, specialized in the direct & online sales (through the website www.easymeasures.com) of professional measuring instruments.
It is an authorized dealer of major European and non-European electronic instrumentation manufacturers.
The staff is highly professional with years of experience in specific sectors, able to offer adequate advice for the identification of the most suitable product, installation and management, any after-sales assistance, also able to offer the necessary periodic calibrations. and the first approach in case of technical problems.

With years of experience asyMeasures is more than just a supplier, simplifies the professional, the product selection and ordering process, saving your time, avoid trouble and save money. asyMeasures is a leading provider of Renowable Energy Test Instrumentation and Accredited Calibration Services, we offer a wide range of products and we issue accredited calibration services so the tools we supply are the proper one and ready for use. EasyMeasures provides solutions that help our customers lower their supply chain costs, increase efficiency, reduce repair and improve quality.

Who we supply
EasyMeasures is aimed exclusively at professionals (with VAT number), specialized distributors in various sectors, resellers, agents, consultants operating in various countries.

What we sell
EasyMeasures offers a wide range of portable measuring instruments, transmitters, controllers, sensors, calibration devices, including Anemometers, Thermometers, Sonometers, Pressure Transmitters, Barometers, Moisture and Dew Point Sensors, Radiometers, Luxmeters, Data Loggers, Wireless WiFi or Lora radio systems, Temperature controllers, measurement of Vibration, CO, CO2, VOC, WBGT microclimate.

What markets
EasyMeasures offer high quality measurement equipment for Life sciences, Smart cities, Wind and Solar industry, Indoor air quality, HVACR, Environmental, Medical, Laboratory, Logistics, Professional agriculture, Meteorology, BMS Building automation, HVAC, Water treatment, Water purification, Metrology.

We offer with accredited laboratory services ( Accredia, UKAS, TUV,..) for certificate the main physicals parameters (Temperature, Humidity, Air Speed, Noise, Pressure, Weight, Length, Electrical,..).

Devote to Clean Energies
EasyMeasures has the only complete solution for Wind testing and certification, with our experience about instruments and certification we are able to offer a complete solution for monitoring and certification. Our laboratories are 17025 accredited in Wind Power.

The competence in solar included also a Photovoltaic power implant and concerns the validation of the electrical design and subsequent verification and testing of a photovoltaic system.

  • Performance verification
  • Safety requirements verification
  • Advanced diagnostic services
  • Modules i/v check
  • Thermography
  • Electroluminescence
  • Monitoring system verification

The service include, in addition to the control of the performance of the photovoltaic system, also the verification of the fulfillment of all the requirements in harmonized technical references and local grid standards, as applicable (to be evaluated) and available (according to Customer design inputs):

  • IEC 62446 – Grid connected photovoltaic systems
  • IEC 60364-1 – low-voltage electrical installations
  • IEC 62548 – Installation and safety requirements for photovoltaic generators
  • IEC 61829 – crystalline silicon photovoltaic array
  • IEC 61727 – Photovoltaic systems